About Us

The Repair Place is an authorised repair service centre, with over 30 years in the luggage and leather goods industry.   We are the industry leader in repairing and servicing all brands of merchandise as well as providing the highest standard in customer service.   We firmly believe that our ability to satisfy our customers is what separates us from the rest in this business.   At The Repair Place we go the distance to make sure our customers get quality repairs at a realistic price with the fastest possible turnaround time.


Our staff has over 95 years combined experience in all areas of the luggage, footwear and leather goods industry, from import, distribution, agency, retail, manufacturing and repair… we understand you needs.
Our expert repair technicians are trained in all aspects of repair, design, pattern making, machining, assembly, luggage lock smithing and colour matching.   Our skill base is second to none.
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